Thursday, September 14, 2017

Purple vs Red

The Rational Male explains the difficulty in the transformation:
What the Purple Pill anger critics (deliberately) refuse to get is that the Red Pill isn’t (and was never) intended to get men to hate women, but rather to inform men about the inherent nature of women so they wont hate women for what they can never be to them. This is the disillusionment that men who still cling to Blue Pill idealism can’t seem to get past – they cannot abandon those Blue Pill hopes that they believe women are capable of fulfilling for him, but the Red Pill disabuses him of. So they get angry. They get angry at themselves for ever having believed in them. They get angry for having wasted so much time investing themselves in them. They get angry, most importantly, because they realize that women simply aren’t built to fulfill the hopes his Blue Pill conditioning made him believe should be possible.

The Purple Pill coach believes that this Red Pill realization leads to men hating women. The second complaint I read from them is that Red Pill awareness gives men some license to feeling like victims. This criticism is deductive to coaches for two reasons; it serves his ‘get-rich-quick-on-the-internet-by-selling-sunshine’ man-up and do better to qualify for women blog template, and it discourages men seeking answers from becoming Red Pill aware in a way that crushes their still Blue Pill belief set.

For the record, and as boldly as I can put this, if you are Red Pill aware man and still believe you are a victim of some sort because of your previous Blue Pill indenturement to pedestalizing women or the Feminine Imperative, you are only a victim of your own lack of vision. Red Pill awareness has set you free – free from the blur and distraction that a feminine-primary social order would pull over your eyes, free from the delusional Blue Pill hopes that are only greater shackles for a man, and free from never seeing the intersexual pitfalls you were prone to fall into before. But Red Pill awareness comes at a cost; the truth may set you free, but it doesn’t make it pretty. If you have a responsibility as a Red Pill aware man it’s that you are never allowed to play the victim. You now know the rules of engagement. Play it well, change the rules if you can, but you are no longer allowed to say you didn’t know the score.
It is always better to know the truth than remain deceived. Even if learning the truth makes you angry.

Monday, August 28, 2017

A portrait in Gamma

If you want to know what a Gamma male is, consider what sort of nominally male individual responds to being blocked on social media like this.

Ode To That Signed Book by Him Who Chose To Block Me

O that novel on my shelf
by him who chose to block me,
Who signed it o’er to my self,
in belief that it would rock me,
who called me friend and colleague then,…
in the hopes I’d write some praise,
with fine excerptable blurb,
that might his royalties raise.
But alas! Alack! That book
of Heinleinian flavor,
with ray gun blasts, I ne’er took
an afternoon to savor.
My author pal got online
with Hugo-baiting rancor
o’er books both poor and sublime,
with allies like a canker.
My friend whose best wishes lie
beneath his byline banner,
unpersoned old humble I
in well-worn Facebook manner.
Now that novel on my shelf
by he who has ejected
reminders of my base self
who politics rejected,
do I keep it there to read
or prize as a memento?
Do I pluck it like a weed
and sell it for my rento?
Do I say that madness reigns
in crusades so demented?
Do I satisfy with words
that hurt feelings were vented?
I don’t know, and yet that book
sits still in my library,
teasing me with every look,
idle, sad, contrary.
In my garden of friend’s works,
I cannot bear to weed it,
even as it cruelly lurks,
where I will never read it.

If your response to reading that is: "I wonder how many cringeworthy poems that loser has written to various "miladies", you've grasped the concept correctly.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Positive Masculinity

Our friend Rollo Tommasi, aka Rational Male, has a new book out.
Positive Masculinity is the newest supplemental reading in the Rational Male series designed to give men, not a prescription, but actionable information to build better lives for themselves based on realistic and objective intersexual dynamics between men and women.

The book outlines four key themes: Red Pill Parenting, The Feminine Nature, Social Imperatives and Positive Masculinity.

Free of the pop-psychology pablum about parenting today, Red Pill Parenting is primarily aimed at the fathers (and fathers-to-be) who wanted more in depth information about raising their sons and daughters in a Red Pill aware context. While not an instruction manual, it will give men some insight into how to develop a parenting style based on Red Pill principles as well as what they can expect their kids to encounter from a feminine-primary social order determined to ‘educate’ them.

The Feminine Nature is a collection of essays, revised and curated, that specifically address the most predictable aspects of the female psyche. It outlines and explores both the evolutionary and socialized reasons for women’s most common behaviors and their motives, and how men can build this awareness into a more efficient way of interacting with them.

Social Imperatives details how the female psyche extrapolates into western (and westernizing) cultural narratives, social dictates and legal and political legislation. This is the Feminine Imperative writ large and this section explores how feminism, women’s sexual strategy and primary life goals have molded our society into what we take for granted today. Also detailed is the ‘women’s empowerment’ narrative, and the rise of a blank-slate egalitarian equalism masking as a form of female supremacism that has fundamentally altered western cultures.

The last section, Positive Masculinity, is comprised of essays, reformed and expanded upon, that will give men a better idea of how to define masculinity for themselves from a conventional and rational perspective. In an era when popular culture seeks to dismiss, ridicule, shame and obscure masculinity, this section and this book is intended to raise men’s awareness of how fluid redefinitions of masculinity have been deliberately used to disempower and feminize men by a feminine-primary social order.
It's doing well too, a #1 bestseller in Fatherhood. I haven't read the book yet, but I have read the blog, and so I have no doubt it is full of valuable insight for raising masculine young men.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Women in technology

The fact is that women are less able to code than men. This is from a survey of 36,000 individuals in India.

That means there are 4.45 men for every woman capable of writing correct code. Factor in sex preferences and there are probably 50 men capable of and interested in writing correct code for every woman.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

May I suggest Google?

Seems fitting. Why not a return to the old stomping grounds?
Marissa Mayer is on the job market after the former Yahoo CEO left the company following its buyout from Verizon. But while some have speculated she'll take a role as a full-time venture capitalist, Mayer says she wants another turn in the driver's seat as a CEO, according to a report Wednesday by Business Insider.
I so hope that happens. I really do.

Monday, August 7, 2017

When less is more

The token is seldom a net benefit:
One of the guys I mentor recently took a job at a large tech company and has seen this problem firsthand. On the SWE team he works with, there are four engineers and one token woman. He complained to me that "it is like having one less engineer," my response was "no, it's like you traded an engineer for a commissar." His boss and many other people in management truly seem to want to fire her, but "their hands are tied." In the worst case scenario, which this seems like: an SJW enters the company, does almost no work, reduces morale across the department, and subtly threatens complaint or even litigation should they be removed.
Who, precisely, ties those hands? This is a failure of management. Document, discipline, and fire. It's not that hard.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The decline and fall of Yahoo!

An insider's tale:
As a former employee of Yahoo!, I can say with absolute conviction that the majority of the problems with the company stemmed from too many women being involved in the first place. When I started in 1999, it was mostly guys. By the time I left last year, it seemed like it was easily 75 percent women. No matter what job or position they were doing, they either were out on maternity leave half the time or just getting back therefrom. It was the most frustrating thing in the world to try to work with.

Have you ever gone to a meeting with six women and yourself as the only guy? You might as well not even turn up; nothing is going to get done, anyway. It’s just going to be an hour spent on irrelevant, tangential nonsense with no decision reached at the end. I wasn’t a misogynist before working there, but after seeing the company go from pretty good to total shit, and with it being directly related to the number of female employees fucking everything up, I kind of am now.

Everything was awesome in the beginning; then they basically outsourced everything they could, brought in cheap labor, and took away 90 percent of the perks that the employees used to enjoy. Everyone of any value was replaced by H1Bs and women started to swell the ranks of middle management. It was just shitty decision after shitty decision, Who the fuck greenlit the goddamn Yahoo! Music engine? Terrible product. Then they fucked up Yahoo! Chat by taking away profiles and trying to force this worthless social networking Yahoo! 360 garbage that no one liked. Then they ruined the message boards and classifieds. Yahoo!’s problem was that they got filled with a bunch of middle management useless twats who kept ‘fixing’ things that weren’t broken because they felt they had to justify the existence of their jobs. Rather than actually making improvements, they ‘improved’ their userbase away with a bunch of shitty changes that took away everything that anyone actually liked about the products.

Alter that, it was basically just hanging around collecting a paycheck and doing shitty work because I didn’t care. Everyone else was doing pretty much the same thing.
You can either learn from the failure of others or learn it the hard way.